NM WhatsApp APK Download for Android Latest Version 2023

NM WhatsApp allows the transfer of high-resolution photos without losing their quality. NM WhatsApp is one of the significant modifications of WhatsApp that we came across on the web. Its incredible features, aesthetics, and themes gained enormous popularity worldwide. This mod has many great features, and the creators constantly add new features with updates.Therefore, ensure that you update this mod each time an update occurs so you may enjoy it all the time.

App NameNM WhatsApp
File size55MB
Android Required4.4 + and up
Last Update1 day ago

   Doenload NM Whatsapp

A total of 90 photos may be sent at once. More than 250 characters can be used while posting status updates. To personalize the app, download themes from the NM WhatsApp theme store. With this mod, you can join a group with more than 250 participants and simultaneously message all 600. Update this mod frequently so you can continue to use it after an upgrade.


Anti ban Features:

All stored and exchanged data must be lost if your program is banned. It has antiban features that prevent the program from being banned, so you can rely on it. Thus, you retain your essential data and information.

High privacy management:

Security is vital because the data are encrypted and can never be stolen.

Make Groups:

This software allows users to start groups and invite others to join them. Making a group video call is an excellent feature for hanging out with a large group.

Different Text Fonts:

When users write any status, they can choose a different text font style to make the written quality appealing and catch the audience’s attention.

Many New Themes

NM Themes that may be used to change the app’s appearance have been added to WhatsApp’s most recent version in various vibrant and appealing colors.

Locking an application and a chat window prevents prying eyes from viewing confidential information. Nobody can access your data if the app and chat are closed with a PIN, password, or pattern.

Update Frequently:

This program is routinely updated and modified to remove potentially dangerous components and make it more streamlined and functional.


As soon as the app is available, messages can be delivered automatically. Because of this, you must make a table with the date, time, and news you want to send. The sophisticated program automatically sends this message to the selected recipient without additional intervention.

Secure and Safe

NM WhatsApp is 100% secure and safe to use on any device, even though it is a third-party program, and it is generally believed that such applications infect the machine with viruses. It never makes unpleasant modifications to the phone or shows annoying ads.

More Characters:

WhatsApp only allows 139 characters for status updates. But this NM WhatsApp mod program lets you write 250 characters. Users can communicate their feelings and emotions due to being able to detail their status more precisely.

Sharing of large files:

NMWhatsApp is the best option because it allows you to exchange various files, documents, photos, and videos. The modified program can transfer up to 30 MB of video, 100 MB of audio, and 100 MB of photos simultaneously. However, the official WhatsApp only supports 30 16 MB or smaller images or videos.

Small Size:

Lightweight programs typically take up little room and use little battery and internet traffic. The size of the NM WhatsApp program is relatively tiny. It does not put any burden on your Android smartphone. Hence, your gadget will retain its navigational speed.

Anti-Revoke Function:

Deleted messages often don’t pop up, extract, or respond. But, users can recover deleted messages if you have the anti-delete option set.

DND Mode Activates:

If you keep the function enabled, you won’t feel bothered. Nobody answers calls or receives texts. So that you don’t become upset

Set a Schedule:

It is helpful to send messages that arrive at the specified time and date in advance. People naturally have forgetful minds. Important dates in their personal and professional lives can occasionally slip their minds. Message scheduling, in this instance, makes sending planned messages relatively easy. Usually, you can send wishes for a birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.

Continue to share high-quality photos and videos:

The photos and videos maintain their original quality. Everything is available in original resolution and quality.

What’s New in NM Whatsapp

  • The DND mode icon should be hidden.
  • Slide response is enabled.
  • The choice to share and preserve your tracks.
  • NMWhatsApp has stickers enabled.
  • Changeable application color options.
  • On the chat screen, resize the profile pictures.
  • There is an option to turn off alert notifications.
  • You can split up any video and send it to your state.
  • Ability to alter the icons of the file attached.
  • Change the font style of the application.
  • Change the application’s text size option in chats.
  • You can send any video up to 30MB in size as a GIF.
  • There is an option to change the application’s language.
  • Option to translate a message and copy the translation.
  • Instead of sending a 16MB audio clip, you can send one up to 100MB.
  • The top portion of the primary chat screen has a status setting option.


What is NM WhatsApp?

NM WhatsApp is a third-party developer’s modified version of the official WhatsApp.

Is it safe to use?

The safety of using them depends on how we use them, just like the security of using other modified versions of WhatsApp. There won’t be any issues if you don’t reveal your personal information to outside parties. Never take a risk to regret it afterward.

Would my use of NM WhatsApp result in a ban?

Since this program’s servers are placed on servers protected against DDoS attacks rather than Google Play servers, you won’t be barred from using it.


NM WhatsApp mod APK is a well-liked programme. As a customised version of WhatsApp, it has a variety of functions. The UI of NM WhatsApp for Windows is easy to use. Although it is similar to the original app, it differs from other messaging apps in a number of ways. One of the best advantages of the NM WhatsApp mod is the wide variety of profile customization options. Colors, fonts, icons, and themes are all customizable. You may rapidly add a feature to your profile.

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