One of the most widely used social media apps is WhatsApp. Millions of people utilize it worldwide. WhatsApp offers many qualities, like being dependable and cost-free. On here, you can easily share media, etc. That is advantageous to everyone. On the other hand, it has many limitations, such as the inability to download WhatsApp status and the ability to freeze your last seen. You may not also view deleted messages or status updates on the official WhatsApp.

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To address this issue, developers created Whatsapp mods. Royal WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp mods that are currently available. It features a unique and lovely user interface. You also get many extra features with this WhatsApp mod app that the standard Whatsapp doesn’t provide. You may see revoked messages, deleted statuses, etc.

Official Whatsapp has been updated to create Royal Whatsapp. You get a lot of extra features in this WhatsApp that are not present in regular WhatsApp. You can accomplish much more using this WhatsApp mod than the standard Whatsapp. As a result, you gain additional security and privacy. You can continue to hide your last seen in this Whatsapp. In this WhatsApp mod, you may also lock your chats and groups.

Features of Royal Whatsapp

Whatsapp Royal has a lot more features. You may use it to perform various functions, including downloading WhatsApp status updates and hiding or locking chats, among other things. The following is a list of the main features of this WhatsApp mod apk.

Royal WhatsApp

Freez Last Scene

In this WhatsApp mod apk, we also have the option of hiding and freezing our last seen. Use Whatsapp’s great function to display offline status while online. You will appear offline even though you are online if you activate the “freeze last seen” option. Nobody can know whether or not you are online.


This Whatsapp mod apk’s user interface is entirely editable. You can now customize this Whatsapp by adding custom themes, colors, fonts, styles, and more. This WhatsApp mod apk allows you to download and install over 200 different themes. By doing this, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your WhatsApp. In this Whatsapp mod, you may add new gifs, stickers, emojis, etc.

DND mode

The DND mode is another feature in Royal WhatsApp that allows you to turn off Whatsapp without also turning off the internet. Flight mode is another name for this mode. You won’t be able to send or receive messages through WhatsApp if you select this option.

Hide Second Tick

This Whatsapp mod’s conceal status view function is yet another incredible feature. It enables you to view your WhatsApp buddies’ status updates secretly. If you enable this function, you won’t be included in the list of status viewers.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply:

Blue ticks following a reply are one of the Whatsapp mod apk’s most spectacular and intriguing features. You may now read the messages on WhatsApp without turning on the blue ticks. If you respond to the chat, the blue ticks won’t be visible again. You may prevent unsolicited chats and emails in this way.

Status Downloader

You also receive a status downloader with this Whatsapp mod apk, which lets you quickly download Whatsapp statuses to your phone’s gallery. You may also download any Whatsapp status in this way without requiring any additional apps.

Anti-Revoke Message:

The Whatsapp mod apk’s anti-revoked message feature enables you to read the messages that have been deleted for everyone. On WhatsApp, you can now see every message that has been revoked. You can choose these deleted Whatsapp statuses and reply to them using this feature.

New Features Of Royal Whatsapp

The Royal WhatsApp app’s initial feature is to freeze the most recent appearance, where you can conceal your most recent appearance despite an internet connection.

  1. They send files and messages to any contact, even if your contacts don’t show you as accessible.
  2. Also, enhance the case’s letter count where you can post your status to use more than 250 words using the App as opposed to the original WhatsApp, which only allows for 140 character
  3. ability to conceal the blue tick.
  4. Also, there is a chance of recording the skins where you can conceal your audio recording location.
  5. The potential to penetrate the hide and preserve your standing as a writer.
  6. More excellent sharing options for images, videos, and cases. Where large-sized videos can be shared
  7. After you observe how the individual is standing, your opinion will also not be considered. By hiding the visibility, this is accomplished.
  8. Safety. Using mobile data, Royal WhatsApp Apk is a highly safe app. There are no viruses or damaged data on it. Also, it doesn’t contain any malware that could harm your phone.
  9. Easy-to-use user interface. Besides the fantastic and distinctive design.
  10. Use simplicity Since using the application is incredibly simple and requires little effort.


What differentiates Royal Whatsapp from official WhatsApp?

The foundation of each WhatsApp service’s features distinguishes it from the others. Royal WhatsApp has many more functions than official WhatsApp, whereas official WhatsApp has fewer features. The distinction between the two WhatsApp services is thoroughly explained above.

Is WhatsApp Royal legal?

This android smartphone app is indeed entirely lawful. It adhered to all legal requirements. It never violated any laws or regulations. As a result, anytime you install and begin using the app, you are free from legal hassles.

What does “Royal WhatsApp” describe?

Royal WhatsApp is an excellent Android instant messaging app. A few additional features are not seen in other functionally comparable programs. With this software, you can create groups to foster a strong community, send texts, make audio and video conversations, and more.


You can now make use of one of the top MOD WhatsApp apps. Several new features and updates surpass the official WhatsApp in the case of WhatsApp Transparent Apk, where media can be sent in various sizes and larger quantities, besides having the capacity to transfer several pictures and files with a single click. Also, unlike official WhatsApp, which only permits 140 characters, you can write WhatsApp messages longer than 250 characters, along with managing calls, chat, colors, groups, and other things. A download link for the app was also supplied, in addition to a few basic methods for Royal WhatsApp Apk installation. You can ask us questions in the comments section if you have any.

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