A third-party developer created WhatsApp Transparent APK, a customized version of the popular messaging app. These modifications, which have been under development for many years, have given users access to features that beyond those of the original WhatsApp.

App NameWhatsApp Transparent
File size43 MB
Android5.0 up
Last updated2 hours Ago

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You can do a lot of things on your phone with this modified version of WhatsApp that aren’t possible with the original. Also, this new edition has unique features and is virus- and bug-free.

To help us avoid staring at the monotonous backgrounds of the messenger service (which you may change with the picture of your choice to display on the home screen of your smartphone), WhatsApp Transparent is an alternate evolution of the original WhatsApp.

Transparent WhatsApp Features


Customization is this Whatsapp’s key feature. Because it has a transparent user interface and allows for various customizations. In this Whatsapp, you can apply your own custom colours, fonts, styles, and much more. Also, this Whatsapp  has a collection of themes that you can download and use to customise the interface.

Privacy Options

With this WhatsApp hack, you can hide blue ticks, blue ticks after replies, freeze/hide last seen, and many more privacy-related functions. By turning on blue ticks after reply, you can read your friends’ messages without alerting them, and they won’t notice the blue ticks till you respond to the chat. By turning on the setting, you may also freeze and hide your last seen in this Whatsapp mod. You go offline while online after turning on the freeze last seen. Also, you won’t be interrupted when working.

Disable/Enable conversations

Another intriguing aspect of this Whatsapp  is this one. You may lock your chats in this Whatsapp mod using a unique pin or pattern. By selecting the lock discussion option under settings, you can restrict your communication. If you lock the chat using a unique pin or pattern, no one will be able to view your Whatsapp conversations.

Sharing of media

Share group multimedia files using WhatsApp Transparent. More than 100 photographs can now be sent at once, as opposed to the previous limit of 30 photos per friend share. Over than 100MB of song can be sent using WhatsApp. You must use WhatsApp on your smart phone to take use of these fantastic features because they are so interesting.

Anti- Revoke Message

With Whatsapp’s transparent function, you may view all of the deleted messages for everybody. Selecting those messages will allow you to respond to them as well. You become a highly powerful user of Whatsapp thanks to this function.

Status Downloading:

This Whatsapp mod apk also contains a status downloader. It enables you to save Whatsapp status with just one click, removing the need for any other apps. All of the status updates that you download using this function will be kept in the phone’s gallery.

Delete Anti Status

With the aid of this incredible function, you can now see see your friends’ and family members’ erased status updates. According to WhatsApp guidelines, you have 24 hours to respond to those status updates.

Mode DND

It has a flight mode, often known as a do not disturb mode. You can entirely shut down Whatsapp with the use of this mod without shutting down your internet connection. You won’t be able to send or receive messages once you’ve enabled this feature. By selecting the aeroplane icon on this Whatsapp’s screen, you can activate this feature.

Anti Ban

The intriguing aspect of this mod apk is that it has an anti-ban mechanism that guards against account bans. If you use the most recent version of Transparent Whatsapp, you will never experience a Whatsapp ban.

Enhance user interface and performance

The features and functionality of WhatsApp Transparent have never been better. The interface options are quite smooth, and this is one of the better aspects of WhatsApp that have been created to far. You can obtain improved overall performance with greater photo sharing, movie downloading, and statuses thanks to the seamless operation of your phone without the need to repeatedly disconnect from the network.


Is WhatsApp Transparent reputable, legitimate, and safe?

You shouldn’t be concerned because the Transparent WhatsApp app is an entirely safe, secure, and authorised interpersonal interactions and instant messaging programme. viruses,  Threats, and malware are not present. It is free of these destructive substances and components. Also, it complied with all pertinent legal requirements. You can therefore without a doubt download and run it.

How can I receive WhatsApp’s updated version, Transparent?

You resist the pressure and continue to think about it. This page now has the most latest versions of the WhatsApp Transparent APK. Find the app on the site and download the most recent update. Following installation, an automated update app is available.

What is Transparent WhatsApp?

It is a messenger programme that has been altered from the original WhatsApp. Global communication and connection are possible. The incredible function allows you to create a group and hold video and audio group calls with your linked friends and family in order to hang out. The unique aspect is that because it is an open-source, unofficial third-party platform, you may personalize and change its appearance.

Can I remove WhatsApp Transparent at any time?

You can uninstall it without a doubt. It is pretty straightforward to accomplish and very basic. Simply keep tapping the app. There is a pop-up menu with three choices, including Share, App Details, and Uninstall. If you choose “Uninstall,”


Based on the most recent mod of the official WhatsApp, Transparent WhatsApp is built on GBWhatsapp. It has a lot of distinctive and extra characteristics. This Whatsapp has the smoothest and most eye-pleasing UI of any Whatsapp. It also provides a variety of privacy options. By adding several styles, fonts, themes, and other options, you may completely personalize the Whatsapp interface. By selecting the download button, you can get the most current edition of transparent WhatsApp from this page.

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