WhatsApp Gold APK (Download latest version 2023)

One of the most popular WhatsApp MOD programs right now is WhatsApp Gold APK 2023. Although there are more than 10 different Android versions of WhatsApp Gold, we will only cover the official app in this article. If you’re tired of the standard WhatsApp interface and features, you should give WhatsApp Gold Android APK a try. It has some cutting-edge features that let you make the most of WhatsApp. Users who appreciate experimenting with new apps and services on their Android phones should give this app at least one try because it has no drawbacks and offers some exciting new WhatsApp features.

WhatsApp Gold

App NameWhatsApp Gold
Size60 MB
FeaturesExtra Features
Last update3 hours Ago

   Download WhatsApp Gold

Because WhatsApp Gold Plus is created by an independent developer, there isn’t an official website for it online. Since the app isn’t available on any app stores like the Google Play Store, iTunes, or Amazon App Store, Store, you’ll need to obtain Yo WhatsApp Gold APK.

Make sure you read this post through to the end to learn more about this app before installing it on your smartphone because we have covered everything about it. The program requires manual installation, therefore in addition to being able to get WhatsApp Gold Android APK by this site, you can also learn how to set it up.


Hide chats:

Chats can be hidden using the new Gold WhatsApp’s capacity to do so. As a result, users can conceal any chat without first setting a password for it. Disable conversation alerts first if you enable this option.


You can allow WhatsApp Gold to change the background image on all of its screens and applications. Additionally, you may design your icons in your preferred colors for each group, as well as a unique typeface for the entire program or just that particular group in WhatsApp Gold without any limitations on font size.


The security protocol that includes WhatsApp Gold may be its greatest benefit. By hiding the read information in the app, you can stop the blue bits from showing as you read the message. It also alerts your contacts when you see their status updates.

Blue Tick:

Blue tick What is the remedy? The blue dots will only show up when you reply to the recipient and not merely when you read the message after installing Gold WhatsApp.

User interface: In addition to privacy, Gold WhatsApp lets you completely personalize your chat interface. There are only a few aspects of the customer experience that you will want to customize to your preferences, including font size, type, and color.

Anti-Delete Status:

Another one of the most significant features offered by Gold WhatsApp is Anti-Delete Status. A story will be removed and nobody will be able to access it if it is posted in the status area and then deleted after posting. However, using this WhatsApp mod, you may still view other people’s tales even after they have been deleted.

Anti-Delete Messages:

Should the sender decide to delete the message after it has been delivered, the recipient will see “This message has been erased, so they will never know which text With the help of this WhatsApp APK, you may see the deleted messages that were sent. You can view the deleted messages with the aid of this WhatsApp APK.

Schedule messages:

In Gold WhatsApp, you can schedule a private message to be sent at a specific time and location to a particular group of people on a specific day. Automatic transmission occurs.

Customize messages:

This function enables you to organize talks while receiving a huge number of chats. It only displays the interface of the conversations that are enabled, though.

Send large videos and photos at once:

Several photos and videos can be sent at once, along with huge films. When you download the old version of WhatsApp, you are aware that you can only send up to 30 photographs at once. However, when you download the latest version of Gold WhatsApp, you can transmit up to 90 images at once as well as videos and photos that are up to 30MB in size rather than 15MB.

Multimedia Sharing:

When transmitting files using the original WhatsApp system, several WhatsApp users have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality. These files’ size when they’re not compressed might prevent them from being transferred.

The file size restriction has been raised in WhatsApp Gold, allowing large files and lengthy videos to be transferred without first being compressed or divided into smaller pieces. Excellent image quality is also ensured; it is not necessary to compress images before transmitting the service.

VPN Proxy Breaker:

If you upgrade to WhatsApp Gold, you’ll find that a fantastic new feature called the proxy or VPN activation option has been added. This tool is helpful for people who use WhatsApp in specific areas where the program has call restrictions.

System requirements

  1. Android 5.0 or later is needed.
  2. It may be installed on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones.
  3. The application can only be installed if “Unknown sources” is enabled.


  1. In this mod, there are additional features and functionalities available.
  2. You will be given a golden theme to use, which will render your app incredibly eye-catching.


Q1:Is using it safely?

The app’s security is questionable, despite claims to the contrary made by certain users of WhatsApp Gold. There have been rumors that the app might carry malicious code even though WhatsApp hasn’t officially published it. It is not advised to utilize the app until more details are revealed.

Q2:How is WhatsApp Gold updated?

Since this software is not available on the Play Store, you will need to delete the previous version of WhatsApp Gold APK and afterward download the most recent version from our website whenever an update is available.

Q3:Should I use it?

There is no conclusive response to this. While some think WhatsApp Gold is a fraud, others assert that it comes with more capabilities that aren’t seen in the standard program. Now it’s up to you to choose if you wish to take the chance.


Even though you won’t need it if you’re seeking links to download the older version of WhatsApp Gold APK, get in touch with us because we have both the older and more recent versions of this software available. We hope this tutorial helped you download Gold WhatsApp for Android and that the app runs smoothly on your Android phones as well.

Numerous websites provide WhatsGold or GoldWhatsApp under the guise of WhatsApp Gold, however, they are two separate applications. Therefore, make sure you are installing WhatsApp Gold on your phone using the right APK file. You can get assistance from us if you run into any problems while installing or using WhatsApp Gold APK for Android.

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