WhatsApp Indigo is the most recent version of the official Whatsapp, which is based on GB Whatsapp. Compared to the default WhatsApp, it contains a tonne of unique and extra features. You may view messages that have been deleted, transmit bigger items, download Whatsapp status, and do a lot more with this Whatsapp hack. This Whatsapp has a very elegant, yet adaptable, user interface. With this WhatsApp hack, you can now add unique themes, styles, logos, colors, and much more. Moreover, it has an anti-ban mechanism that guards against account bans.


WhatsApp Indigo APK

App NameWhatsApp Indigo
File size32 MB
Android Requirement4.4 and up
Last updated4 hours ago

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Sending and sharing multiple huge file types at once is fairly common all around the world. Large files are typically not shared via a local program.

Thankfully, WA Indigo has an anti-restriction that guarantees that its use is secure. However, remember that this function will only be useful if you continue to update the app frequently.

WhatsApp Indigo

Features Of WhatsApp Indigo APK


Anti-ban is a crucial component of all modified programs. It is so that the original program’s limitations won’t apply to the modified nickname application, which is not an official one. The accounts utilized in the application will also be banned, in addition to the app itself.

Lightweight app:

WhatsApp Indigo, the most recent version, is a mod app for Android phones. It doesn’t consume a lot of space in your mobile memory because of its modest size. Your gadget never slows down as a result. Maintains appropriate speed and stability while using your gadgets. As it’s a small application, it also functions with low-performance devices.

More Items:

You receive a variety of things while chatting, including emoticons, emojis, stickers, GIFs, etc. You may instantly express your sentiments, mood, and reactions with the aid of these objects.

Several accounts:

You are allowed to open several accounts for a variety of uses, including personal, professional, and business endeavors. As a result, there is no risk that you will be unclear about where or how you’re interacting.

Privacy management:

Manage your privacy by turning on features like “Conceal Online Status,” “Profile Photo,” “Bio,” “Freeze,” “Tick, “Last Seen,” “Blue,” and “Double Hide Tick” for various areas of your app. As a result, you can keep your online identity a secret from your pals.

Create groups:

Up to 300 members may join your group by invitation. With the help of this software, you may hold group video and audio conversations to socialize with other users.

Download status:

You can save and download other people’s status updates on WhatsApp Indigo, along with their videos and photographs.

You can enter up to 256 characters for the maximum status character limit. The original program, however, only enables you to type 139 characters. So, you can enter your stats in more depth if you are utilizing the advanced version.

Auto reply option:

You can choose to use the auto-reply feature. Because it responds to messages automatically when you are away, it works fantastically.

You can exchange anything over 1GB in size in a variety of formats, including photos, PDFs, video, audio, Excel, MS Word files, etc.

Update frequently:

You can eliminate undesirable and pointless errors as a result. As a result, you should keep your WhatsApp Indigo application and smartphone running at a fast pace.

Anti-Cancel: You can access and read a message even if the recipient deletes it on your behalf. You may respond to this removed message as well.

Anti-Delete Status:

If you turn on the anti-delete feature in the most recent version of WhatsApp Indigo, you can view deleted statuses. Your buddies will be surprised if you leave comments on erased communications.


The basic minimum operating system needed is Android 4.0.3.

The “Unknown sources” button must be turned on in Settings>Applications to install the program using the APK file.

This program is an altered version of the official application that was created by a third party independent of the owner or Malavida, neither of which has vetted, validated, or certified the latter.

The user is solely responsible for downloading, setting up, and using this program; Malavida is not responsible for any consequences that may occur on your device.

This version has no affiliation whatsoever with Malavida, the actual creator of the modified program, or any of their trademarks.


What is WhatsApp Indigo APK?

A communication program called WhatsApp Indigo was modified from WhatsApp by providing certain new features and capabilities. Like the real thing, you can interact and communicate. It is therefore a very well-liked mod that needs to inform people worldwide.

Is the Android app WhatsApp Indigo APK secure?

The program is safe and secure because it doesn’t contain any elements that could harm your device. The WhatsApp Indigo application complied with all security guidelines to weed out threats, spyware, and viruses.

Hence, utilizing this software does not make you concerned about security or safety concerns.

Whatsapp Indigo APK updates – how do I?

  • Go to the settings of the application.
  • Kindly click updates.
  • By selecting the “check updates” button, you can search for updates.
  • On the update, click.
  • The program will download the most current edition from the website when you click the button.
  • Get the most recent version of WhatsApp now.


Everything here is centered on WhatsApp Indigo and its advantages. It is for you if you require a modified APK with an additional privacy feature that enables sending and receiving huge files. All the components that were absent from the earlier customized version of WhatsApp Indigo are present in the most recent release. So download the app right away and enjoy the free features.

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