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One more WhatsApp mod is WhatsApp MA, which allows us to add new features to the entire chat program. These features impact the visible UI components and the app’s internal functioning. Several people use WhatsAppMA, a brand-new WhatsApp mod, the world. Like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp is the most popular program of its kind. You’ll be shocked to learn numerous WhatsApp mods, such as WhatsApp MA, provide the first new phone capabilities.

App NameWhatsApp MA
File Size36.8MB
Android4.4 and up
Last Updated2 days ago

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Modern features and customizing options are available. It allows you to modify the application’s functionality and user interface. You may add your colors, fonts, styles, and more to this WhatsApp status.

Features of WhatsApp MA APK

This most recent version of MA WhatsApp has the unique features ever provided by a modified apk. WhatsApp can be used and is designed substantially differently using this application. You can easily switch the WhatsApp theme and use the dark mode with this app. Look into these options.

Anti Ban

Because of its robust anti-ban defense, it is one of the best and most unique WhatsApp apps. You can ensure the security of your account by selecting this option. Using our service is secure for you.

Download status

Using the download status feature, you may easily save your contacts’ status to your phone’s gallery. Without the use of any third-party programs, you can update your WhatsApp status. As a result, you further cut time.

Deleted messages and status updates

WhatsApp messages and status updates cannot be viewed in the original WhatsApp. Everyone can immediately access deleted messages and statuses in the MA mod apk. It is possible to view removed files and status updates and respond to them. With this application, you may show your friends the WhatsApp statuses and messages that have been deleted. Good, huh? There’s more it can do, though.

Freeze/Hide Last seen.

You may block your Last Seen when online with this WhatsApp adjustment and freeze and hide it. Your contacts won’t be able to detect whether you’re online if you choose the option to freeze you’re last seen. You can provide them access to your status with the Whatsapp mod.

Chats: Lock/Hide

You can hide and lock conversations in MA Whatsapp with this feature. You can establish a pin or password as a lock to keep your conversations secure. The lock chat feature can be utilized by choosing it from the three dots menu, entering a pin or pattern, and then restarting WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Status Downloader:

You may download the Whatsapp status updates of your loved ones to your phone’s gallery thanks to the Whatsapp mod’s status downloader. There is no longer a need to utilize other programs to download WhatsApp statuses.

Creating and changing interfaces

Do you worry about decreasing WhatsApp’s general intrusion? Then MA WhatsApp 2022 is the perfect option for you. Could the WhatsApp UI be changed? Do you wish to learn how? The most current edition of MA Whatsapp can be customized to meet your needs. Several themes are accessible for downloading and installation for WhatsApp’s customized version. Also, WhatsApp’s design and typeface can be changed. You can choose from many logos in the mod to change the WhatsApp icon. This Whatsapp apk enables you to upload a photo in addition to enabling you to export a logo.

DND mode

With this WhatsApp tweak, you also get a DND mode. If you enable this function, you can completely disconnect from the internet, but you won’t be able to send or receive WhatsApp messages. The Flying mode feature of the Whatsapp mod is frequently used. If you enable this option, Whatsapp won’t continue to run even if your internet is turned off.


  1. There is a night mode on the particular person interface.
  2. Change the app’s language settings.
  3. The brand-new emoji set.
  4. Send HD pictures.

Whats’s New In Whatsapp MA APK

  • There are no ads, protection, or confidentiality. It promotes global connection and offers the possibility of doing business.
  • It is free to use.
  • There is a night mode on the particular person interface.
  • Change the app’s language settings.
  • the brand-new emoji set.
  • Send HD pictures.
  • distinct communication patterns.
  • The selection of textual information is much simpler.
  • Business message counter.
  • Possibility of hiding the selection button.
  • Added privacy controls.
  • Downloading of items for WhatsApp is a possibility.
  • Remove data from useless software programmes.
  • Unique nature is a dimension.
  • a broad category of sources.
  • Differentiate between broadcast and common messages.
  • Possibility to change the interface’s tone rather than staying with the default tones without having any prior knowledge of WhatsApp.


 What is WhatsApp MA APK?

When it concerns safety functions, WhatsAppMA is a well-liked modification of the original WhatsApp. Like any other mod, this one has extra functionality not present in the messaging app’s base configuration.

Is using WhatsApp MA APK safe?

Nothing negative can be said about using WhatsApp MA. You won’t ever experience any issues utilizing WhatsApp MA. This WhatsApp APK contains every conversation and piece of information you have.

Is the original WhatsApp MA APK released in the same manner?

It functions like the original while keeping its original characteristics and capabilities and including new features. So, people can interact and communicate with their closest friends and family via video and audio calls and instant messaging. It is an extremely useful program for internet conversation.


Whatsapp MA is a modified version of the original Whatsapp that offers several additional capabilities not seen in the original Whatsapp. In this WhatsApp mod, for instance, you may add unique themes, colors, fonts, and much more. You also get a lot of privacy-related options, including the ability to hide or freeze last-seen information and lock Whatsapp messages, among many others. Based on GBWhatsapp and OG Whatsapp, unidentified developers created this Whatsapp mod. About all of the elements of both of these WhatsApp modifications are included.

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