The most popular messaging programme, WhatsApp, is known to us all. It is a well-known communication tool that links individuals globally. Millions of individuals use the Whatsapp app to chat with their family members. Whatsapp is the most popular chat programme because of its incredible features. Yet, a number of their features still need to be added. They are not satisfied with that.

App NameWhatsApp Prime
Size64 MB
Main PurposeExtra Features
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A customized version of the standard WhatsApp, or WhatsApp Prime, was created just for Android users. The creators of this software have included some fascinating features for the users that will cause them to forget about the official WhatsApp but never return. It consists of some additional and significant characteristics you will undoubtedly enjoy compared to other apps.

A customized version of the original Whatsapp is called Whatsapp Prime. Its features include an anti-revoked message, anti-ban, anti-status deletion, etc. It is based on GB Whatsapp. You can accomplish much more using this WhatsApp mod apk than with the standard Whatsapp. Also, it gives you more security and privacy. You become a more private and secure user thanks to our Whatsapp mod apk. Let’s start with the main characteristics of this WhatsApp.

Features Of WhatsApp Prime APK

The WhatsApp Prime mod version has features that provide excellent toxins and adrenaline.


High-Quality Sound Notes

Well over the prime WhatsApp version, send sound notes that are better defined and upgraded. Depending on the tempo you want to maintain, you can change the speed at which these sound notes move from 1x to 2x. There is also the intriguing feature of slowing down the sound, which is useful when you have a friend who speaks quickly.

Background Motion

Your WhatsApp chats can have motion effects added to the background. You’ll discover that adding small movements makes anything more alluring, and doing so will keep the individual you’re conversing with engaged in the conversation as well. But remember that for these motion backdrops, the person after you needs to have this app.

Increased Video Size

Even if the video is more significant than 60 MB, you can quickly create them and add them to your status. You have an edge with WhatsApp Prime because you can send video clips up to 70 MBs in size, which is more than most apps allow. Send videos to your friends’ chats right now.

Copy Paste Status

Did you find your friends’ most recent statuses particularly fascinating and want to carry them with you on your device? Then there is a beautiful copy-and-paste option available for your convenience. Anyone’s status can be tapped on to reveal a copy status option. Similarly, you can paste this status into your status without first downloading it.

Transfer of High-Quality Files

The Whatsapp Prime apk allows you to send up to 250 files at once to anybody you choose. The highest possible number of files won’t degrade the quality of your files; instead, you’ll discover that the prime version will provide you with the most significant outcomes in a high-quality shared form. There won’t be any text tampering or pixel dropping in your files. The file will be highly readable and clear throughout.

Whatsapp Prime

No Media Preview Download

Have you ever been irritated by extraneous files in your WhatsApp chat sites? Have you ever questioned whether there was a practical approach to get rid of the extra media and files without requiring you to download them first? Therefore prepare ready to remove files directly from the preview feature without previously downloading them. You can get the file insights with just one selection, the preview option.

Disable replies

You may easily select the “Turn off replies” option from the Whatsapp Prime apk settings if your contacts are annoying and don’t want them to see your most recent message or your status update. You can create a one-way conversation this way, making it more straightforward to have your personal space. Just go ahead and relax while conversing with WhatsApp Prime.


  1. The library offers hundreds of exquisite topics from which to choose.
  2. Also, you can easily exchange more than ten HD photographs at once, which is not feasible with the official WhatsApp app.


What is WhatsApp Prime?

The superb third-party, unofficial WhatsApp Prime app is a customized version of the main WhatsApp client. Because the system is open-source, you can alter it however you choose. Chatting, making audio and video conversations, creating groups, and sharing files in various formats, including the original, are all possible. Its anti-ban feature is remarkable. You are, therefore, exempt from the ban’s sway.

Is it simple to use WhatsApp Premier Prime?

It is a straightforward and easy-to-use chat programme with more features than the standard WhatsApp. You’d be dead wrong if you assume it’s complicated to use because of its advanced features. It resembles the standard WhatsApp messenger software a lot. The only thing that makes a difference is that it has more features and choices. Regular usage will teach you about it.

Is WhatsApp Prime apk still popular today?

The modified version of WhatsApp has always been popular, but now this spectacular version is prevalent for you to use and enjoy.


Whatsapp Prime apk is a customized version of the original Whatsapp that offers several additional capabilities not seen in the original Whatsapp. It was created by unidentified developers and is based on the GB version of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Transparent Premier apk is another name for it. The most recent version of all this Whatsapp mod apk may be downloaded from this page. It has excellent features, including downloading WhatsApp statuses, anti-ban protection, message deletion resistance, and many more. These features enable you to accomplish much more.

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