One of the well-known chat programs based on the original WhatsApp Messenger is YC WhatsApp APK. The Soula WhatsApp APK and this WhatsApp mod both function identically. You can download the most recent version of the YC WhatsApp APK.


App NameYCWhatsApp
VersionLatest version
File size21 MB
RequirementV 4.4 and up
Last updated1 day ago

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Many remarkable features of the YC WhatsApp software that are not included in the official WhatsApp app can be found when you download it. Seeing your friends’ WA stories and hiding your online status are features of this modified version of the first app.

YCWhatsApp is the name of a customized version of WhatsApp, like, WhatsApp Indigo APK, Soula WhatsApp APK, and others. This APK offers users a lot of benefits. No matter the format, we can send any file. We can also provide larger files. A multitude of different stickers and emoticons is present here. This APK download also includes thousands of themes and backgrounds. It’s beautiful that it’s free. Yes! It is cheap to use on Android handsets, so you don’t need to worry about losing your cash before downloading it.

Yc Whatsapp

What is YC Whatsapp Apk?

You can more covertly use YC WhatsApp APK’s features with the help of this program.

The software deletes your encrypted communications after they have been read. Also, you may choose which among your WhatsApp friends can view the apps you use. In other words, it’s perfect for people who want to confidently text their loved ones, knowing that neither their mobile phone company nor the government will be listening in on their conversations.

Is your cell phone dead? Do you want it to endure a few more hours if the battery is low? Or you can’t charge your phone because you’re stranded on the plane. Use the Apk app as the ideal answer. Users of this handy little app may transmit text messages, images, videos, Emojis, and locations without using data or WiFi!

Features YC Whatsapp APK

Nearly all modified apps have been created to enhance and add missing features from the original app. The following represent a few of the benefits of adopting YC WA:

Hide the Last Seen:

The “Last Seen” status concealment function is, as is common knowledge, also included in the official WhatsApp program. One of the built-in WA features that is frequently used, Last Seen, can protect each user’s privacy.

As a result, the developer also makes this option available on YC WA. Nevertheless, it can also conceal the online status that typically appears when you start WhatsApp. It does this by hiding the very last time you were online.

Anti-withdrawal message

Have you ever experienced your conversation partner suddenly being interested or deleting the already sent chat while on WA? Regardless of whether you have the time to read the future communication.

Of course, this might lead to bias in addition to arousing curiosity. The good news is that YC WA includes a function that keeps track of new messages even after the original sender has seen them.

Viewing their stories on WA Friends without knowing them:

When you want to see your buddy’s tale on WA for specific reasons, a feeling of prestige can occasionally be involved. So, despite wanting to understand more about the account, we tend to disregard it. Need help with how to go over it?

You can view your friends’ WA tales with delight using our YC WA mod program without worrying that the story creator will find out.

Hide my blue tick:

YC WA has a function that removes the double tick box on messages and conceals data about your “seeing” in your WA friends’ stories. Hence, the sender’s WA will always be checked on any message reports that arrive at your WA number.

However, there are alternative options if you think the feature could be more moderate. In other words, by turning off the blue checkmark that displays the arriving

As a result, the message mark on the user’s WA will remain greyed out when you view an incoming WA message. In this manner, you can avoid responding to notices immediately because the sender won’t know if you’ve read them.

Send more significant file sizes.

Data Transfer, or Document Sharing, is a crucial feature that drives the widespread use of WhatsApp. Nevertheless, many file transfer limitations in the official WhatsApp relate to file size and the number of files sent at once.

For instance, the most images that can be transmitted in a single delivery if you choose to send one is ten. Concerning sending files, this will severely restrict how you can use the WA app. The file-sending mechanism in the YC WA mod apk has been updated again, though, so that’s something different.

You can deliver several files, including films, photos, and audio files, using YC WA in a single transmission. Moreover, a considerably bigger file size limit has been added to what can be sent via WA.

Save Friends Story.

Have you ever desired to download a WA story that you found fascinating from a friend? You can still utilize the tried-and-true method of locating the tale file in the File Manager’s WhatsApp folder. Yet, this approach is undoubtedly tricky and time-consuming. If you’re using YC WA, you won’t need to worry because a tool exists that makes it simple to download a friend’s story.

Modify fonts and themes:

The initial version of WhatsApp offers just the primary light and dark themes. If you continuously stare across the screen while using an app, it will grow incredibly dull.

To modify the WA theme, the designer has added a feature. Several intriguing features are available and ready to utilize.

Main Features In YC Whatsapp APK

  • the increased amount of privacy. Improved command over our privacy options.
  • Simple user interface that excludes complex aspects.
  • Upload tales that are longer than the allotted 24 hours.
  • You can adjust the text and icon sizes as desired.
  • Many stickers and emojis.
  • If you are transmitting other users’ texts, hide their names.
  • The word count required to write a bio has expanded.
  • Edit your writing.
  • Give your contacts lengthy, high-quality videos.
  • Transfer large files without any hiccups.
  • There is no restriction on how many articles you can post here.
  • Manage your online presence. Keep your blue and double ticks hidden.
  • Everyone who has a WhatsApp connection can be texted or phoned.
  • Install stories from other people on your Android phone. The internal storage of your device will be used to store downloaded content.


The “Unknown sources” option must be enabled in Settings>Applications to install the program using an APK file; the minimum operating system required is Android 2.2.

This program is an altered version of the official application created by a third party independent of the owner or Malavida, neither of which has vetted, validated, or approved the latter. The user is solely responsible for downloading, setting up, and using this program; Malavida is not responsible for any consequences that may occur on your device.


What is YCWhatsApp Apk?

It is an Android-compatible mobile application. The smartphones this software supports include Samsung, LG, Motorola, and many more.

Is it safe to use this app?

Yes. The fact that this app will encrypt makes it secure and safe. The creators of this application guarantee that no user information will be disclosed and that all messages will be routed through this program to shield users from surveillance.

What functions does YCWhatsApp Apk offer, specifically?

A lot of features were used in the development of this app to improve the user experience. Among the features is the ability to edit messages before sending them, set a timer for message removal, turn off read receipts, and several others.

What makes this app apart from Whatsapp?

  1. Because it is safer than WhatsApp, it differs from that program. End-to-end encryption ensures the privacy of all messages, and users of this program can add account information to add contacts.


The YCWhatsApp APK provides several features and advantages that the original WhatsApp app does not. Users that want more flexibility over their messaging experience frequently choose it because of the flexibility of the graphical interface and privacy policies, the usage of several accounts, and the ability to exchange huge files.

But, there may be disadvantages to consider, like the security issues of utilizing a customized program and the potential for WhatsApp platform bans.

Users should use precautions and be mindful of the dangers when using any third-party software. Ultimately, YCWhatsApp APK might be a fantastic option for individuals looking to improve their WhatsApp service, but it’s crucial to consider the benefits and drawbacks before choosing.

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