ZE Whatsapp is another modified version of the original Whatsapp that offers many additional capabilities not seen in the original Whatsapp. You may read messages that have been revoked, examine deleted statuses, save Whatsapp statuses, and do a lot more with this Whatsapp mod. One of the greatest Whatsapp mods available is this one.

ZE WhatsApp

App NameZEWhatsapp APK
Size40 MB
Requires4.4 and above
Last update2 hours ago

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Another well-known third-party app version that enables players to alter WhatsApp is Ze. With the aid of this software, one can carry out numerous tasks that the original app was unable to allow. This third-party WhatsApp app may function flawlessly on almost all Android and iOS smartphones without any issues. You must download Ze WhatsApp to make use of its many advantages.

Users can quickly alter fonts, text colour, application icons, and many other visually similar components of an app. This mod program is well-liked in several nations, including Brazil, the Netherlands, Poland, and many others. This mod program allows users to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. To the users’ satisfaction, the mod app is now protected from the official WhatsApp security team by a powerful anti-ban function.

ZE WhatsApp APK

Features of ZE WhatsApp APK


This mod apk has many themes that you may utilize effectively. The advantage is that you don’t have to wait to obtain them because they are downloaded instantly in the app. Also, you can customize the look of your chat screen and change the theme colors to suit your needs.

Data Backup:

Data backup is a feature that only some WhatsApp modifications offer. The ZE WhatsApp mod apk provides a data backup option to protect your data in the event of an accident. You can turn on this function to take an automatic backup every day, every week, or every month.

Scheduling messages:

Before, only WhatsApp corporate users had access to this feature. The ZEWHatsApp mod apk now has a scheduling messages option that you may use. Simple message scheduling ensures you always remember to inform your contacts of crucial information.

Larger Media Transmission:

WhatsApp’s bothersome habit of sending small portions to your contacts made sending larger files difficult. This modified apk was created for you if you want to share your file as a single file. You can share videos up to 50 MB in size using it without dividing them. Also, you can transfer the videos in HD quality with no compression.

Chat Security:

With this mod apk, you can add security to every WhatsApp chat with any contact. This function protects your privacy and makes your conversation private from prying eyes. You can set up a Password, Pin, or Pattern by enabling this function in the settings. You can set up a Password, Pin, or Pattern by enabling this function in the settings.


An anti-ban feature is this most recent WhatsApp mod’s first and most practical feature. This feature safeguards your Whatsapp account from being banned. You may be using this Whatsapp mod apk without being afraid or taking any risks. Its use is secure and risk-free.

Anti-Revoke Message

This WhatsApp hack also includes a function to prevent messages from being canceled. You can use this tool to view the Whatsapp messages that have been erased for everyone and canceled. You can view messages and choose which ones to reply to on WhatsApp.

Status Downloader:

For this Whatsapp mod apk, the status downloader is already present. You can use our status downloader to grab all of your Whatsapp contacts’ status updates quickly. All of the status updates will be preserved in your phone’s gallery. If you use this Whatsapp, you don’t need a third-party program to download WhatsApp status updates.

Mode DND

The Whatsapp mod apk also has a DND mode. Flight mode is another name for it. You can forcefully terminate your Whatsapp if you enable this option. You won’t be able to use WhatsApp to send or receive messages anymore. If you allow this mod, you won’t have to turn off your network to stop Whatsapp.

Remove Anti Status

You can read the removed Whatsapp statuses thanks to the anti-status erase feature included in this Whatsapp mod apk. You can now respond to status updates, which will wow your friends and family. It is regarded as one of this Whatsapp mod apk’s top features.


 What is ZE WhatsApp ?

Another modified version of the original Whatsapp, ZE Whatsapp, has several extra features not found in the original Whatsapp.

How Can I Get ZE WhatsApp’s Most Recent Version?

Every WhatsApp mod requires a download, although I’ve already explained old WhatsApp apks. To download the instructions directly, click this link.

Is using ZE Whatsapp secure?

Yes, using the ZE Whatsapp apk is entirely safe and secure. It includes an anti-ban mechanism that guards against account bans. You won’t ever experience any problems using this Whatsapp mod apk. There are no viruses or harmful programs on it.


Ze WhatsApp is highly intriguing and offers a variety of customization and security choices. By installing this software, users will have access to all the functions absent from the official app, and there is no cost for using it.

Ze WhatsApp stands out since it allows users to change the app’s backdrop. Users can pick their preferred picture as the background using the patch, which will make the UI translucent. Compared to other mod apps of a similar nature, the recently launched software has fewer issues. Please continue to read the resource to learn more about the app’s key features before downloading it.

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